Old Testament scholar Benjamin Noonan joins me in this episode to share about his important new book Advances in the Study of Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic: New Insights for Reading the Old Testament (Zondervan Academic, 2020).

About the Book:  Advances in the Study of Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic by Benjamin J. Noonan offers a much-needed introduction to the issues in the current world of Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic scholarship. This book fills a gap in the field of Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic linguistics and provides an accessible, comprehensive, up-to-date, and linguistically-informed investigation of our understanding of these languages.

Topics addressed include:

  • Linguistics and linguistic theories
  • History of scholarship of Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic
  • Lexical semantics and lexicography
  • Verbal stems
  • Tense, mood, and aspect in the verbal system
  • Discourse analysis
  • Register, dialect, style-shifting, and code-switching
  • Word order in Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic
  • Dating of Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic texts
  • Teaching and learning Biblical Hebrew

Advances in the Study of Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic - Benjamin Noonan

About the Author:  Benjamin J. Noonan (PhD, Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion) is Associate Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew at Columbia International University. Noonan is the author of Non-Semitic Loanwords in the Hebrew Bible: A Lexicon of Language Contact and the coeditor (with Hélène Dallaire and Jennifer E. Noonan) of of “Where Shall Wisdom Be Found?” A Grammatical Tribute to Professor Stephen A. Kaufman.

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