Welcome to The Shaun Tabatt Show! Today I jump into the ring with author Brian W. Thomas to discuss his book Wittenberg Vs. Geneva: A Biblical Bout in 7 Rounds on the Doctrines that Divide (New Reformation Press, 2016).

Wittenberg Vsx Geneva by Brian W Thomas

About The Book:
What are the differences between Lutherans and Calvinists, and do they really matter? In Wittenberg vs. Geneva, Brian Thomas provides a biblical defense of the key doctrines that have divided the Lutheran and Reformed traditions for nearly five centuries. It is especially written to help those who may have an interest in the Lutheran church, but are concerned that her stance on doctrines like predestination or the sacraments may not have biblical support. To get to the heart of the matter, Pastor Thomas focuses solely upon those crucial scriptural texts that have led Lutheran and Reformed scholars down different paths to disparate conclusions as he spars with popular Calvinist theologians from the past and the present.

Brian W. ThomasAbout the Author:
Brian W. Thomas is a Lutheran pastor, writer, and speaker from the Pacific Northwest. He has had the privilege of serving churches in California and Washington, lecturing at the University of San Diego, and teaching the Bible all over the world. He is the pastor of Faith Lutheran Church in Kingston, Washington.

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Wittenberg Vs. Geneva by Brian W. Thomas


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